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The "Netzer Ariel" and "Oz Ro'i" Midrasha programs at Ariel University were established by the Netzarim Community in Ariel in 2007. All Midrasha courses are academically accredited.


As part of the Disengagement Plan, the settlement of Netzarim was the last to be uprooted, on 17 Av 5765/August 22nd, 2005. Members of the community chose to continue the lofty ideals of Gush Katif in the city of Ariel, the Capital of the Shomron, and therefore accepted the mayor's invitation to relocate here. Over the years, dozens of new families from across Israel have joined the community, which now numbers over 100 families. Rabbi Tzion Tawil leads the community and its Hesder Yeshiva, Netzer Mata'ai, which was founded in Netzarim and came to Ariel together with the community.


The Netzer Ariel Community initiates and participates in many local activities for the benefit of the general community in the realms of Torah study, education, and Chessed, including services such as: student volunteer initiatives, a Bar Mitzva institute, premarital counseling for couples, a mentoring/tutoring program for high school students, and more. Recently, the community assisted in rehabilitating the Neve Ariel Elementary School, turning it into a very popular regional Talmud Torah.


The Midrasha programs are implemented by the Netzer Ariel Community and thus have an ongoing dialogue with it and its rabbinical mentors. Among the staff of rabbis and lecturers are the head of the Midrashot, Yitzchak Vazanna and Rabbanit Efrat Tawil, as well as Rabbis Eliezer Kashtiel, Ari Landau, Yehoshua Vider, Yehonatan Namdar, Yair Hiller, Avner Nechushtan, Gadi Hartom, and distinguished lecturers such as Rabbanit Idit Itzkowitz, Bruria Ben-Shachar, Tamah Bar-Natan, Tamar Silberschein, Nurit Cohen, Chayuta Tanami, Meirav Mishelov, and others.


The Midrasha programs offer a wide array of Judaic courses, all accredited by the universities.


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