Cultural and Social Activities


The Oz Roi and Netzer Ariel Midrasha programs are binding students to cultural and social activity duties, among them are the tours of major Jewish historical importance.


The cultural and social activity programs are an integral part of the duties of each student in Oz Roi and Netzer Ariel Midrasha programs at Ariel University. The activities inlude field tours in places of Jewish historical and religious importance. These tours to the Samaria and east Jerusalem are an integral part of the learning duties of each student. Each academic year, the Oz Roi and Netzer Ariel group of students are appointed to six significant journeys around Israel legacy cites.Cultural and social activity duties also incules Saturday night Melave Malka parties and Shabbat hospitality. Personal guidance counseling free of charge is available for those interested. 

Each student has to participate in two of those activities every trimester. In order to supervise the attendance during the activities, every participant has to stamp up the activity card given at the beginning of each trimester. 


All the activities are handled by our social coordinators.

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