Our Learning Programs

The Netzer-ariel Midrasha Program for Women, led by Rabbanit Efrat Tawil, provides advanced Judaic courses for women from religious and nonreligious backgrounds, each specifically-geared to its participants. In addition to the classroom curriculum, the Midrasha offers extra curricular educational and social enrichment activities, personal guidance, and Shabbat hospitality.

The Oz Ro'i Program provides a curriculum in Tanach, Emuna, Halacha, and character-refinement. The Beit Midrash staff includes senior-level rabbinic lecturers from higher Yeshivot and pre-military academies. Alongside the courses, Oz Ro'i offers educational and social enrichment activities, Shabbat programs, and field trips to places of major Jewish importance in Jerusalem and the Shomron.

The Shem Olam Academic Program is a yearlong course, sponsored by the Shem Olam Institute for Holocaust and Faith Studies. The Program aims to instill awareness of the Holocaust through its narratives of spiritually coping with issues of identity, religion, culture, and ethical and humane behavior during the Holocaust Period.

The woman all around Samaria are at desperate need for Tora lessons. The lack of Tora learning centers at the Samaria, combined with the sensitive road axes, brought about a true demand of massive Tora lessons close to home. The program takes place at the Abir Yaakov Synagogue in Ariel.

בתי המדרש לסטודנטים- מיסודה של קהילת נצרים באריאל (ע"ר)                                                                                                                                                הוקם באמצעות אתר Wix